Saturday, June 13, 2009


I can’t help having this worrisome feeling that something unpleasant is approaching… And I don’t even know how to put this in sentences, my mind’s getting scrambled.

You’re in the safety of your house, going about with life like you usually do… What do you do when you know that someone you care for is miles away, and you know trouble is knocking at their door? Yea, you’d like to take teleport there before that door can be kicked open, now only if that were possible.

Well, there’s a kid, let’s name him Dudley for now, who happens to be a bully… No surprises there. Dudley starts throwing his weight around (literally) and butting into other’s lives, things start getting ugly then. And my kid brother happens to be on the receiving end. He’s staying in Hyderabad and attending junior college there. It’s pretty much like school, only students there enroll to be coached on taking entrance exams, to get into some of the top engineering colleges in India. Hearing of untoward incidents of ragging in colleges, is not helping to smother the wave of oncoming dread.

What is with rich parents who don’t give a damn about their only kid?? They let him loose, load him with cash, and don’t care whether he does anything worthwhile in life, because they can buy a seat in college (they probably can buy the college?), a chair waiting in the family business; with all that, why does dear duddleykins have to lift a finger? Or turn a page?

Dudley here (who’s bigger than my bro), is already adept at taking others’ cash, lying to his parents and making others lie for him (else face the consequences); he’s probably got a clan full of other kids just too scared to face him. Unfortunately these two are the only boys at the paying guest residence, who study at the same place. The other tenants are all older guys who are working. We chose the paying guest place because the hostel was so strict that there have been cases of students discontinuing coz of depression.. And another case of a kid running away from there :-S

But face the fatso is what my brother did, apparently talking to his parents didn’t really help as they don’t believe my bro. Well how would they? I mean, they spent all 17 years of their kid’s life spoiling him, why should they suddenly decide to change now? Seems the parents will talk to their son when they visit next week. So no doubt, the bully’s gonna come to know who got him into that mess. At times like this its not that great to have an overly imaginative mind :-S


  1. dudleykins bottom needs to be kicked!

  2. yeah... i have come across lotsa stuffs like this in my early days and still hear stuffs like this in the news frequently... and at times like this, my mind too becomes overly imaginative hoping that the needy would be rescued by a superhero (sometimes myself ;P) from nowhere! :)